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Gateway Xtreme is a full service chroming business that has earned an excellent reputation for quality parts for both custom motorcycles and automobiles.

Our Chrome/Polish Exchange Program for motorcycles is the most popular with our customers because there is virtually no down time on your ride waiting for parts.

Over many years of trial and error we have found a better way. Some chromers are better with aluminum and some are better with steel. This is the nature of the chroming business that we have done our homework on. At Gateway Xtreme we go the extra mile on all pre-chrome preparation assuring our customers top quality pieces. For instance, we prepare reservoirs without damaging the site glass. We disassemble forks without damaging the inner-machined rod. We do master cylinders without damaging the internal machining and bore. We disassemble final drives without altering the dimensional parameters of the housings. We prepare wheels without damaging the hub areas which are steel, cast into the aluminum which is damaged if subjected to the same acid strip used on aluminum if not 100% isolated from the solution. This all guarantees our customers top of the line chromed parts.

Paul aka: Stump, owner of Gateway Xtreme , has built numerous custom bikes and currently owns several custom built bikes himself. He takes pride in the products he sells and that the same parts he sells are the same parts that go on his bikes. If it?s not good enough for him, it?s not good enough for you the customer.

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