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Inspect the drive shaft for damage.  Clean off any old grease and re-apply a new coating of Molly Paste to the male spline at the engine side of the shaft as well as the female spline on the final drive end.  Its a good idea to replace the grease seal that slides over the end of the drive shaft and sits on a shoulder near the final drive.  Make sure the small compression spring remains in the female end of the drive shaft and doesnt fall during assembly.Holding the shaft by the female end, carefully feed it into the open end of the swingarm until it stops against the yoke.  We now want to help the male end of the drive shaft engage the female end of the yoke/U-joint.  It is necessary to lift up on the front of the shaft to help it align with the yoke.  It is useful to look into the opening with a flashlight to see the position of the yoke and to help navigate the shaft end into the yoke.  It is also useful to take the bike in or out of gear to get just the right positioning of the yoke.  Persistence here will pay off. You must push and turn and lift all at the same time.  Eventually, it will engage.Another thing, which may greatly help, is for you to lower the swingarm and let it hang down unsupported or to support it in a position vertically that allows the shaft to better line up with it.  Once the drive shaft fully engages the yoke, you will feel it push in and fully seat.  The rear end of the drive shaft will be just short of flush with the swingarm flange face when properly seated.

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