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You may now remove the swingarm.  To do so, you will need a 17mm Allen head     wrench or Allen socket drive.  If you have a helper, the second person can lift up on the axle end of the swingarm and take the weight off of it while you unbolt it from the frame and help to guide it straight out the back of the bike.  If not, then you can take the small post hydraulic jack and by using a small piece of 2'x4' under the swingarm, crank up the jack under the axle end of the swingarm until it is more or less level.  Take loose the locknut on the right side of the swingarm pivot bolt.A handy trick I have learned about taking this locknut loose is to use a medium sized punch to remove it.  Apply the punch to the locknut and tap it in a counterclockwise direction until it spins freely.  It will take a brisk couple of taps to loosen it but once it is loose, it turns by hand the rest of the way out.  After the locknut has been removed, and using your 17mm Allen wrench, unscrew the right side pivot bolt about half way out.Switch to the left side of the bike, and unscrew the left side pivot pin out all the way.  Hold on to the left side of the swingarm as you remove the pivot bolt so it doesnt fall down.  Back over to the right side of the bike, remove the pivot pin complete now and support the front of the swingarm as it exits the bike from the rear.Remove the left and right side bearing/seal assemblies from the swingarm.  They will fall out in your hand.  Keep these for later re-installation in your new modified swingarm.  Do not under any circumstances attempt to remove the bearing races that are left in the swingarm.  Your new swingarm will come with races installed and ready to accept the bearings from your old swingarm.  Set the bearings and swingarm to the side. If the articulating joint (yoke/u-joint assembly) is still on the engine output shaft, remove it at this time and clean all the old grease off of it with an old rag.  Set it to the side.  Do not worry about orientation, both ends are identical.There is a rubber boot that sits between the engine output shaft housing and the swingarm.  This keeps water out of the assembly.  Set it to the side also, or if still installed on engine, leave alone at this time.

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