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Apply a light coating of Molly grease to the bearings and install them in the new swingarm you are about to install.  Also, apply a medium amount of Molly paste on both ends of the drive shaft yoke as well as the engine output shaft.  Slide the yoke onto the output shaft of the engine.  Dont forget to install the rubber boot also that goes between the left side of the swingarm and the engine.Now you can feed the new swingarm into place and visually line up the bearings with the pivot pin hole locations in the frame.  Hold the swingarm in place and feed the left side pivot pin into place by screwing it in clockwise and hand tighten.Move to the right side of the swingarm and after applying a light but uniform coating of blue locktight on the threads, install the right side pivot pin in the same manner, hand tighten.Return to the left side of the bike and using a torque wrench, tighten the left pivot pin to spec per the service manual.You may now return to the right side of the bike.  The right side pivot pin determines the actual torque to the two bearing set of the swingarm and creates a pre-load condition.  If you have a way to torque the right side per spec, you may do so now.  After having done so, move the swingarm up and down and be sure there is no binding or feeling of dragging. If you do not have a way to set torque on the right side pivot bolt, you may set it by feel.  If ever you have set the torque by hand on a front wheel bearing on an automobile, this is very similar.  Adjust the pivot clockwise with your Allen wrench until it is very snug.  Then back off the adjustment until the pivot is just a bit snug.  Move the swingarm up and down.  As you do so, continue to tighten the pivot a little at a time.  As soon as the tightening results in the swingarm feeling tight going up and down or a feeling of dragging, back off on the adjustment until it is just free.  This is where you will leave the pivot pin adjusted.  Taking a felt tip marker put a mark on the pivot pin head and another mark on the frame for reference.  This will be used to be sure the pivot pin adjustment does not change.  Wait 30 minutes for the locktight to cure.  Now you may apply a light coating of blue locktight on the threads of the right side pivot pin locknut.  Install the locknut and hand tighten.  Assuming you are not using the special Honda tool, you may now tighten the locknut until it is set by way of using a large drift pin or flat nosed punch with an end diameter of roughly ��.  By using the punch and a hammer, you can tap the locknut around in a clockwise manner until it is sufficiently tight.  After having done so, inspect the orientation marks you have made on the pivot pin head and the frame to be sure the pivot pin has not moved or changed value.

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