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This is a tricky part of the installation and requires a bit of patience.Make sure you have installed the rubber dampeners and drive flange assembly on your wheel.  Make sure you have installed your rotor on the wheel and torqued to spec.  With the bike jacked up and supported, sit your wheel and tire assembly on the car jack.  Align the jack with the rear of the bike and carefully slide the jack up close to the swingarm.  Two sets of hands here are useful, although I do these all the time by myself.Now, take your final drive assembly and align it with the wheel drive flange and push the final drive on to the gear and fully seat it against the drive flange.  Make sure that before you install this part of the job, you have first coated the drive flange and final drive gear with Molly Paste per the service manual.  Also, be sure you have installed your trim ring.Now, holding the wheel and final drive all together as an assembly.  Carefully slide the jack forward while at the same time, cranking up on the jack handle to align the final drive studs with the swingarm flange holes.  Make sure this is lined up level and correctly from side to side.  When you are sure of this, slide the final drive forward until the drive shaft starts to engage the final drive and the studs begin to engage the flange holes.At this point you will need to push the assembly together and as it all meshes and aligns, it will seem to fall into place.  Install all four of the nuts on the flange.  Leave two of them loose and hand tighten the other two for the moment.  Leaving them loose gives us an extra bit of fudge room while trying to align everything. Feed the axle into the final drive until it appears on the other side, but does not protrude past the bearing face.  You should now be able to eye the alignment of the right side to see if the axle is lined up with the axle hole in the swingarm.  Make any needed adjustments.  Now you can slide the axle spacer into place and seat it into the wheels seal.  Slide the axle in a bit further now until it is even with the spacer face.Great controversy exists over this next part of the instructions in terms of what works best.  There are a couple of ways to do this next part.  Your next job is to install the brake caliper and bracket assembly.If you are able now to slide the caliper into place over the rotor and align it with the axle, do so.  Some wheel and tire and rotor combos will allow you to do this.If not, it may be useful to pull the caliper loose from the bracket.  The bracket can be installed and the caliper can be added next.  Be sure you are careful working around a chromed wheel and chromed exhaust here.  It is very easy to scratch things up while doing this.  I usually take some painters tape and cover the exhaust pipes and wheel in the area where I am working.  Once the caliper bracket is in place, slide the axle through the caliper bracket and through the swingarm hole.  You may have to adjust things up or down, front to back, to get the axle to float through that hole.  In some rare cases, the tolerances here are very tight and the caliper bracket is a bit too thick to fit between the spacer and swingarm.  If this should be the case, take nylon or wood wedge and a cloth or towel to protect it, and wedge it between the rotor face and the swingarm.  You must only gently tap this into place with a hammer to spread the swingarm.  Any dimensional differences here should be in the thousandths. Tap the axle all the way in until it is fully seated.  Tighten your final drive flange nuts in a criss-cross pattern and torque to spec.  Install the axle locknut and torque to spec.Spin the wheel by hand.  All should be free and smooth except for a bit of dragging coming from the brake pads.

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