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Begin the process by jacking up the bike and securing it.  Remove the right side panel to expose the wiring, if removing the fender for replacement or modification.  Unplug the wiring harness that comes from the rear fender and push it back through the hole in the fender.  Support the rear wheel of the bike with the auto jack and remove both shocks.  You only need to jack up the tire just enough to take the weight off of it creating a neutral weight condition.After having removed the shocks, apply some painters tape along the length of the fender both above and below the outer fender grab rail.  Get the tape as close to the rails as possible, if not a bit behind them.  There is a small amount of room between the rail and fender where you can sometimes feed the tape behind it a bit.  Now remove all of the bolts in the outer fender grab rail.  Be careful not to damage the paint.  The fender will want to drop and tilt as you remove these bolts.  You may now safely and carefully feed the rear fender back and out of the frame.  Re-assembly is the same except use painters tape on the insides of the frame supports and well as along the sides of the fender so that as you slide the new fender inside the frame rails, you dont scuff the paint.  It is not necessary to remove the outer grab rail completely to remove the fender, but it does make the job a lot easier.  The rail will be held in place by the upper shock tower stud.  If you wish to remove the outer rail in order to make fender removal or re-installation easier (recommended), just remove the upper shock stud with a 10mm Allen drive and the whole assembly will come off.

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