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Congratulations on the purchase of your chromed or polished final drive.  The drain is tightened to spec with a new crush washer on it.  The filler is hand tight also with new O-ring on it.  You will need to install the unit and fill with fluid.  I suggest installing this unit, and while on the jack, add fluid slowly until it starts to come out the filler hole.  Then snug the filler plug.  Spin the wheel now several times before lowering the bike off the jack.  Once the bike is off the jack and on its sidestand, and preferably with an extra chunk of wood such as a 1 x, under the stand, put a pan under the final drive and open the filler and let the excess out.  This final drive is dry as a bone and will need to take fluid into the bearings and parts.  It will be a good idea to check this after the first hundred miles.  Do not over-tighten that filler when done.  It only needs to be nice and snug.  Do not use an abrasive of any kind to clean this housing after install.  Use nothing but a spray and wipe detailer or Windex and very soft rag.  Make sure you add Molly paste to the drive shaft end, the final drive input gear, the wheel drive flange hub, and the final drive gear.  Make sure you torque the 4 final drive bolts to spec and its a good idea to use a bit of anti seize on the threads and underside of the head of those acorn nuts.

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